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Good Medicine for 96 Bad Hours Handout

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This is the 50-page course handout for "Good Medicine for 96 Bad Hours", our course on "survival medicine" for the short duration survival event, lasting roughly 24-96 hours (1 to 4 days).
Grounded in Mindset and Preparation, this course presents our core thinking on life and limb threats in the survival environment, and what skills you need ownership of for managing those threats.
The handout is a handy reminder of important principles and skills, or a quick and dirty introduction to important life-threats and their management. The handout is designed to supplement hands-on training, so there's no pictures, just 50-pages of text dialed in on life and limb threats. Focused on the big killers, this handout is all about helping you get an idea of what's critical, what you need to learn, and where to direct your further study.
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