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Forged Sleeve Dagger

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A classic, sometimes misunderstood, design from the clandestine services of WW-II, the Sleeve Dagger is a thrusting implement, often executed with a hook on the back end. This hook allows for the deep carry of the tool, tucked fully into a pocket, inside the waistband, or elsewhere, with only the hook remaining available to grab. By hooking the hand into the curve, the user can quickly draw the weapon with much improved stability and strength, akin to that offered by a fully exposed grip.
This example is forged from reclaimed high carbon spring steel, triple tempered to 56-58Rc, and wrapped in epoxy soaked hemp cord for enhanced grip. Quad-ground, with a needle-like point.
6 3/4" overall, in a static-cord tube sheath, secured with 3700lb epoxy and using 900lb Vectran cordage.

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